[AG-TECH] Re: Display Machine Performance

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 15 12:51:36 CST 2002

Ah, good point. What was the proper cable -- we've been using standard DB9 
straight-thru cables.

(Probably worth checking settings on the software too, to make sure flow 
control set right there).


At 10:52 AM 3/15/2002 -0800, John Shalf wrote:
>I had some issues with APware freaking out because I was
>using a serial cable that didn't have CTS and RTS set up the
>way that Gentner required.  So their serial driver spent all
>of its time agressively polling the serial port for
>messages.  Soldering up a proper cable and enabling hardware
>flow control made the problem go away.

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