[AG-TECH] Re: Display Machine Performance

Art Ziarko aziarko at insors.com
Fri Mar 15 10:39:14 CST 2002

I have spoken the Gentner tech support about apware in the past. They said
the software will use less processor power if other applications need it. So
in effect it  auto adjusts the processing power that it takes up

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> If there's one thing worse than having to confess you've screwed
> up, it's having to confess it to a world-wide audience!
> Here goes.
> All my comments about the latest Matrox drivers for G200
> and G450 improving Display machine performance are probably
> wrong.  Art Ziarko [aziarko at insors.com] asked me whether I had
> looked at CPU utilization before and after.  I hadn't before but have
> just spent a couple of hours doing so after.
> The first thing I spotted (not difficult) was that utilization was 100%
> however many video frames were open (including zero!).  Second
> thing was the APServe was taking all available cycles.  As I mentioned,
> we took the opportunity of AP-Ware running under W2000 to junk
> the W98 machine and run AP-Ware in the Display machine.  Looks
> like that little application thrashes around and is what is causing
> us the problem.  If I kill off APserve, no sticky windows.  If I restart
> it, sticky windows again.
> If anyone knows whether there's a fix to this, do say.  I'll be contacting
> Gentner to see if they are aware of this behaviour, and whether they
> have a fix.
> So I really don't know whether the new Matrox drivers are a good idea;
> we always had the problem before (but were always running AP-Ware)
> and when I did the tests on the Display machine (naturally, as I was
> testing for video performance) I didn't bother starting AP-Ware.
> Just for the record, on our AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz
> 30 'small' video frames + Lobby thumbnails = 100%
> 23 'small' video frames = 77%
> 27 'small' + 1 'medium' + Lobby thumbnails = 93%
> 4 'large' + Test Room thumbnails (about 16) = 40%
> [all the above with AP-Ware not running!]
> Cheers
> Chris O
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