[AG-TECH] USB Support for AG 1.0

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 25 18:30:35 CDT 2002

Hey Don,

I've only used the kritter cam from my laptop, which is running XP.
I'll keep my eyes open for linux stuff though.


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> All,
> I've received a USB Kritter Cam and want to run it off a 
> machine in which I've installed the AG 1.0 Redhat ISO 
> available at www.accessgrid.org (dated 14 June 2001).
> It looks to me like USB isn't supported on the kernel,
> so I'll need to compile a new kernel, and it also looks
> like the kernel source isn't provided on the ISO, so
> I'll have to download first.
> I can do all that but, before I do - am I missing something? 
> Haven't some of you gotten these web cams to work straight 
> off of the AG 1.0 Redhat release, or have I been wrong in 
> those assumptions?  
> If you "have" gotten it all working, perhaps you could point
> me to some info that helped?  As of now, when I run vic it 
> finds the Hauppage card on /dev/video0, and nothing else 
> (doesn't completely surprise me).  I don't see any indication 
> that USB devices are found at boot time, and I don't see any 
> modules in there that I could load manually.
> Thanks,
> Don
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