[AG-TECH] USB Support for AG 1.0

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Tue Jun 25 18:16:56 CDT 2002


I've received a USB Kritter Cam and want to run it off a 
machine in which I've installed the AG 1.0 Redhat ISO 
available at www.accessgrid.org (dated 14 June 2001).

It looks to me like USB isn't supported on the kernel,
so I'll need to compile a new kernel, and it also looks
like the kernel source isn't provided on the ISO, so
I'll have to download first.

I can do all that but, before I do - am I missing something?
Haven't some of you gotten these web cams to work straight
off of the AG 1.0 Redhat release, or have I been wrong
in those assumptions?  

If you "have" gotten it all working, perhaps you could point
me to some info that helped?  As of now, when I run vic it
finds the Hauppage card on /dev/video0, and nothing else
(doesn't completely surprise me).  I don't see any
indication that USB devices are found at boot time, and
I don't see any modules in there that I could load manually.


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