[AG-TECH] GJAS discussion

Jeremy Sauer jsauer at uswest.net
Fri Jun 21 14:50:49 CDT 2002

Hi all,
    After a poor turnout to yesterday's test session and scheduling 
conflicts for some potential remote participants, the GJAS folks here at 
UM are considering cancelling today's discussion on Hydrogen Fuel Cells 
and alternative energy sources.  The discussion is scheduled to start at 
15:00 MDT, 21:00 UTC.  If we have little or no remote sites in the 
Bridgeport venue by 14:30 MDT, 20:30 UTC, we will likely concentrate our 
efforts on making the discussion more successful on the local level. 
 So, I would encourage any remote sites wishing to participate to be in 
the Bridgeport room at least a half hour before the discussion is to 
begin. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Hope to see some of you there.

Jeremy Sauer
University of Montana-Missoula

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