[AG-TECH] Last minute equipment questions

Bryan Kirkendall kirk5801 at cs.uidaho.edu
Sat Jun 22 23:14:25 CDT 2002

First off, I would like to thank all of you who have helped me out with my
questions these past few weeks.  I've now gotten together a list of
everything I think I need to put together my node, but both my supervisor
and I thought it would be a good idea to run it by you guys first, just to
make sure I haven't forgotten anything.  I've posted a copy of my equip
list at http://www.cs.uidaho.edu/~kirk5801/ag , if anybody has the time
and inclination to check it out, I'd greatly appreciate it.  The first
file is a part-by-part list of what'll be put in each of the 4 computers,
the second is a list of the other various equipment I need.  (Quick note -
I haven't gotten a final count on how many microphones the room is going
to need, hence the question marks there, and that number will, of course,
determine which Gentner I'll need).

On a related note, I've recently been contacted by a company called
Imprint Systems, who offer a 'one-stop shop' for AGN purchases, taking a
single PO for the whole shebang.  (Website at ag.imprintsystems.com)
We're looking into this as an alternative to buying everything seperately,
depending on how pricing works out.  Have any of you had any experience
with buying from this company you'd like to share?

Sorry for being a bit long-winded there.  ^^;;  Thanks in advance.

Bryan J. Kirkendall
AGN Administrator
University of Idaho CompSci
Moscow, ID 83844
kirk5801 at cs.uidaho.edu

Version: 3.12
GCS/MU/IT/M d+(--) s+:+ a-- C++(++++)>$ UL++>++++ P+>++++ L++>++++ E---
W++(+++) N o? K? w---(++++) !O M--(++) V-- PS+++ PE- Y+(++) PGP t+(++) 5+
X(+) R+(+++) !tv b+(+++) DI++++ D++(----) G>++ e>++(*) h- r++ y+(**)

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