[AG-TECH] vrm-eventlistener or VIC causing errors

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Thu Jan 10 21:16:03 CST 2002

I have been receiving a strange error recently on EVL's video machine.
Whenever I seem to change rooms, I receive the following Tcl script error
on the video machine: 

error writing "file1":
broken pipe

Only one instance of VIC will appear to be running.  On the display
machine, I see that video from the one running VIC.  The rest of the VIC
windows on the video machine have titles like: vic #2, vic #3 and have no
GUI.  They are just "blank" windows.  Additionally, the vrm-eventlistener
seemed to crash since I am unable to see its window.

Pressing the "Stack Trace" button on that error produces the following

error writing "file1": broken pipe
   while executing
"puts "deleting file""
   ("after" script)

I closed the error dialog and all instances of VIC (functioning or not). 
Then, I restarted vrm-eventlistener, and things seem to work.  All of the
instances of VIC appear in the correct IP address given by the display
machine and the vrm-eventlistener seems to work.

I tried to restart the computer wondering if something just became weird
over time; however, the same problem appeared with changing rooms using
the web interface on the display machine.

Any suggestions on what may have gone wrong?



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