[AG-TECH] GGF4 Registration and Hotel Reservations link

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 10 20:30:23 CST 2002

>>The GGF4 Registration and Hotel Reservation system is live and operational -
>>(*) The GGF4 Draft Program is linked from this page - it continues to be 
>>DAILY as GGF4-PC confirmations are received regarding their sessions.
>>Contact Mary Spada (spada at gridforum.org) if you have any questions.
>>(*) The GGF4 Registration is a custom, secured transaction system that 
>>was developed
>>specifically for GGF by an outside team and will be standard for GGF 
>>events (contact
>>information is noted on the registration pages if you run into *ANY* 
>>technical difficulties).
>>Contact Tara Snay, ETMI (taras at event-travel.com) if you have any questions.
>>(*) FYI - as REQUESTED - e-confirmations are immediately available as 
>>well as
>>printable receipts upon completion of the registration - changes can be 
>>made directly
>>as needed by referencing your <username> and <password>.
>Mary E. Spada
>Outreach and Business Development
>Mathematics and Computer Science Division
>PH:  +630/252.7715
>FX:   +630/252.6333
>PAGER: maryspada at imcingular.com

Mary E. Spada
Outreach and Business Development
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
PH:  +630/252.7715
FX:   +630/252.6333
PAGER: maryspada at imcingular.com

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