[AG-TECH] Vic Problem on Linux Computer?

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Thu Jan 3 07:25:51 CST 2002

are you running the smp-kernel?  You might also try installing RedHat 
7.2 & then just installing the AG rpm's on it (works fine for me on a 
dual processor machine).

Peterson, Michael R wrote:

>We have downloaded the Linux AccessGrid software and installed on a Dell
>Dual-Processor computer. When we attempt to start Vic Video computer running
>RedHat 6.2 with 4 Hauppauge video capture cards. The computer becomes very slow
>or freezes as soon as Vic is executed. We are testing Vic to a unicast address
>(network card appears to be functioning). The video display is a Matrox AGP dual
>head card. The computer has 512 RAM, 1024 Swap space. Even if we are successful
>at closing VIC, the computers remains slow. It seems to be a kernel problem
>(killing PID's does not seem to fix the problem). Any ideas would be helpful.

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