[AG-TECH] Vic Problem on Linux Computer?

Gary Refka grefka at insors.com
Thu Jan 3 09:15:42 CST 2002


Have you tried running "TOP" (if you haven't used this before, just type top
in an open terminal window.  This will show process running, memory used,
CPU utilization etc.) to see if there is a process chewing up your CPU
cycles?  This may lead you to the guilty culprit.

Gary A. Refka
Senior Sales Engineer
INSORS Integrated Communications, Inc.

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We have downloaded the Linux AccessGrid software and installed on a Dell
Dual-Processor computer. When we attempt to start Vic Video computer running
RedHat 6.2 with 4 Hauppauge video capture cards. The computer becomes very
or freezes as soon as Vic is executed. We are testing Vic to a unicast
(network card appears to be functioning). The video display is a Matrox AGP
head card. The computer has 512 RAM, 1024 Swap space. Even if we are
at closing VIC, the computers remains slow. It seems to be a kernel problem
(killing PID's does not seem to fix the problem). Any ideas would be

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