[AG-TECH] AG Community - Status Survey (please participate)

Mary E. Spada spada at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Feb 25 23:55:54 CST 2002

All -

As the AG Community gears up for the 2nd AG Technical Retreat next
week at the Radisson San Diego (Monday/Tuesday, March 4-5), we 
thought it would be very useful to gather and compile the entire community's 
perspectives in the following 4 key areas -

(1) current ag usage
(2) current node configuration(s)
(3) networking and other technical issues, and 
(4) future plans and directions

To gain an accurate reflection of the entire community's pov, please take a few
minutes to complete the web survey (linked below) whether or not you plan to 
participate in the AG Tech Retreat.


(If a question(s) doesn't apply to you, please feel free to skip over it)

In order to compile the results in time for the Retreat, please respond by 
close of business this Friday (March 1).

All results will be distributed to the AG Community - first at the AG Tech Retreat
and then via ag-tech.  A complete set of survey results will also be posted on the
AG web.

Thank you for your participation - and please contact me directly if you have
any questions -


Mary E. Spada                                   PH:  +630/252.7715
Outreach and Business Development               CL: +630/240.2759
Mathematics & Computer Science Division         FX:   +630/252.6333
ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY                     PAGER: maryspada at imcingular.com
http://www.mcs.anl.gov                          http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/~spada/
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