[AG-TECH] AG Technical Retreat (March 2002) - fun, food and libations...

Mary E. Spada spada at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Feb 25 23:22:44 CST 2002


A quick update on some "social" opportunities available to AG Technical Retreat
participants next week -

Sunday, 4 February - 8.30p - 10.30p
informal gathering of participants for beer, cocktails and discussion
Shooters Bar & Grill 
(in the Radisson where the AG Technical Retreat will be held)
everyone is welcome...this is a non-hosted event.
Monday, 5 February - Deli Luncheon (including vegetarian options)
Tuesday, 6 February - Italian Luncheon (including vegetarian options)
Microsoft Research has kindly made arrangements hosting the noon-time luncheon 
breaks during both days of the AG Technical Retreat - providing a great opportunity 
to meet with other AG Technical Retreat participants to discuss each morning's 
presentations and to plan for the afternoon activities.
Monday, 5 February - Baja Mexican Festival (hosted by inSORS)
Please join the AG Community for relaxed evening of discussion, mingling and
creative brainstorming....all AG Technical Retreat participants are welcome...
            Reception - 6.30p
            Dinner - 7.15p
The evening will include an extensive buffet (veggie-friendly choices included!), 
beer, wine, music, and lively conversation...many thanks to the inSORS team for 
generously hosting this opportunity to socialize!

(Please let the Registration Desk know if you have any special dietary considerations
that should be taken into account)

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