[AG-TECH] *correction* AG Technical Retreat (March 2002) - fun, food and libations...

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too many time zones in too few days...the dates have been corrected below.

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>A quick update on some "social" opportunities available to AG Technical Retreat
>participants next week -
>Sunday, 3 February - 8.30p - 10.30p
>informal gathering of participants for beer, cocktails and discussion
>Shooters Bar & Grill 
>(in the Radisson where the AG Technical Retreat will be held)
>everyone is welcome...this is a non-hosted event.
>Monday, 4 February - Deli Luncheon (including vegetarian options)
>Tuesday, 5 February - Italian Luncheon (including vegetarian options)
>Microsoft Research has kindly made arrangements hosting the noon-time luncheon 
>breaks during both days of the AG Technical Retreat - providing a great opportunity 
>to meet with other AG Technical Retreat participants to discuss each morning's 
>presentations and to plan for the afternoon activities.
>Monday, 4 February - Baja Mexican Festival (hosted by inSORS)
>Please join the AG Community for relaxed evening of discussion, mingling and
>creative brainstorming....all AG Technical Retreat participants are welcome...
>            Reception - 6.30p
>            Dinner - 7.15p
>The evening will include an extensive buffet (veggie-friendly choices included!), 
>beer, wine, music, and lively conversation...many thanks to the inSORS team for 
>generously hosting this opportunity to socialize!
>(Please let the Registration Desk know if you have any special dietary considerations
>that should be taken into account)

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