[AG-TECH] Camera Control

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Wed Feb 13 22:06:32 CST 2002

   Cool.  Since the CP-ITV had four serial inputs I thought maybe it
only worked with home run wiring (one per camera).  I never looked at
it very closely.  Once you get it working I'm anxious to hear if it
is "more natural" and easier to use than trying to aim that remote
or a software interface.  

   There is a Telemetrics web site too.  The PDF may be the same as 
the one you mentioned (I couldn't view the Danish site at home just 
now) and is at http://www.telemetricsinc.com/Datasheets/CP-ITV%20Panels/CP-ITV-D100.PDF
but it doesn't have a lot of detail.  Their home page is at

   I did a Google (even Microsoft described VISCA support in W95!)
and found


which says that the controller (device 0) automatically assigns the addresses of the
remote devices with 1 nearest.  Apparently when the auto address command is sent out
the first camera sets itself to 1 and increments it so the next one sets 2, etc.
Pretty cool.

   I don't know if that helps but it was interesting to learn about this. ;-)  marty

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