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Scott Miller miller48 at llnl.gov
Wed Feb 13 18:15:56 CST 2002

My apologies for starting this thread again, but I have not figured out what I am doing wrong yet.

We are using the Sony EVI-D30 camera for our AG node.  We want to remotely control the cameras.  We decided not to use the software method since there are so many things going on with each of the boxes we thought it would be better to run them from a centralized HW controller.  We do not have sufficient line of sight to use the IR remote.

We chose to use the Telemetrics Desktop Control Panel, CPITVD100 (http://bpgprod.sel.sony.com/bpcnav/app/99999/2/22/64885.10020.product.BPC.html).  In short this is a joystick controller for these cameras.  Now the problem starts.  I am trying to daisy chain 3 of these cameras together via the VISCA cables.  We have the purchased the cables that Sony provides and specifies for this purpose.  From the previous thread many of you sent the web address and drawings of the pin out for the VISCA cables.  I think that part has been adequately answered. 

The question that I have is how do I get more than just the first camera to work?  Anybody else use the joystick method?  From the documentation for the VISCA Protocol (http://www.vision.auc.dk/~tbm/Sony/EVID30.pdf) on page 1 it shows a daisy chain setup.  The part I am not understanding is there appears to be a switch on the camera that will allow the Tx to go to the Rx of the next camera.  Is this an actual switch?  If so where is it located?  Your help is appreciated.

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