[AG-TECH] First Annual Access Grid Symposium on Beerology

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 13 11:18:34 CST 2002

Ya, I've got the voyager recording covered.  All participants please make
sure their audio and video capture machines are time-synched.  See
http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/voyager/AGTimeSynch.htm for more info.


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> All, the Official Web Page of our Beer Symposium now reflects
> a list of tentative speakers.  Again, we would love to have
> more of you participate, but we at least have a core group
> of people!!
> If any of you are even semi-knowledgeable in things like "history"
> of beer, beer taxonomy/nomenclature, etc., we would love for
> you to attend our symposium and talk with us about such issues.
> Additionally, we tried to time this so we could assure some
> international participation but, alas, we only have participation
> from the States.  Those of you from outside the States are very
> welcome to attend and contribute your international perspectives
> to the symposium. We would truly like this international
> flavour!!!
> Lisa - any chance you can "take charge" of the Voyager recording???
> Thanks!
> Don
> http://mroccs.cs.umt.edu/~morton/AGBeer2002/

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