[AG-TECH] First Annual Access Grid Symposium on Beerology

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Tue Feb 12 23:22:38 CST 2002

All, the Official Web Page of our Beer Symposium now reflects
a list of tentative speakers.  Again, we would love to have
more of you participate, but we at least have a core group
of people!!

If any of you are even semi-knowledgeable in things like "history"
of beer, beer taxonomy/nomenclature, etc., we would love for
you to attend our symposium and talk with us about such issues.

Additionally, we tried to time this so we could assure some
international participation but, alas, we only have participation
from the States.  Those of you from outside the States are very
welcome to attend and contribute your international perspectives
to the symposium. We would truly like this international

Lisa - any chance you can "take charge" of the Voyager recording???




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