[AG-TECH] Calling U. Manchester

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed Feb 13 11:05:55 CST 2002

All, the following was received by an anonymous fan 
of the Manchester AGN folks :) :)  I'm forwarding
with permission and, with the hope that Manchester
will lead the way (under blatant, public arm twisting)
in making this Beer Symposium a truly international
event :) :)  Also wondering if Australia will be 
joining us, and Amsterdam, and Germany, and.......



> I would love to see Manchester involved.  I drink beers from the UK all
> the time, but when I watch some of the English shows on Public TV they
> always seem to have a Budweiser in their hand.  It would be nice to hear
> how they view American beer over there, or what they consider a good
> import.  Just something I am curious about.

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