[AG-TECH] VIC startup options

Justin Binns binns at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 22 14:29:24 CDT 2002

One problem you're seeing is that the vic in OM is not exactly equal to
the UCL vic - for instance, though the '-u' can be used to specify a
startup file (and in fact the PIG VRM uses this facility), the format of
the file is not the same (it's not invoked in the same environment, and
it's Otcl insted of tcl, not to mention that variable names aren't quite
the same, etc.).  For more information on exactly what's different, take a
look at the openmash documentation and skim through the developer list
archives at www.openmash.org.  Also, while the VRM is running, you should
be able to look in c:\ag\temp (or similar) to find dynamically-generated
startup scripts that the VRM is using.

As for the '-D' - we also need to specify a device, but since we're
already providing a startup script, we embed the device within the TCL.  
Again, take a look at the dynamically-generated scripts and you should see
what's going on.


On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've got a question about invoking VIC.  Currently we use bat files to
> invoke an older version of vic and enter rooms which are internal to our
> network.  This command looks like this:
> start c:\vic.exe -C "Room Name" -u "/vic-startup.4" -D "o100vc.dll - Osprey
> Capture Card 1" xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxxx
> We're trying to move to the new PIG release and the included Open Mash Vic
> v5.2.1, but we still need to use this bat file scheme.  We've tried
> modifying the bat files to read as follow: 
> start c:\ag\agapps\bin\mash c:\ag\agapps\bin\vic -name vic -C "Room Name" -u
> "/vic-startup.4" -D "o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 1"
> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxxx
> This causes problems.  Firstly, mash returns the error: 'Tk_Init failed!
> Expected integer but got "/vic-startup.4"'.  If the -u parameter is removed,
> vic launches into the correct room, but the startup options we require
> (those specified in vic-startup.4) are lost.  Secondly, vic does not
> recognize the -D parameter, so there is no capture card selected when it
> starts up.  In fact, the only command line option making it through to vic
> is the session name.
> So my question is, how can we pass command line arguments to vic through
> mash?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> -Andrew Heisen
> For reference, here are the additional startup options we need, from
> vic-startup.4:
> option add Vic.muteNewSources false startupFile
> option add Vic.maxbw 10000 startupFile
> option add Vic.bandwidth 4000 startupFile
> option add Vic.framerate 29 startupFile
> option add Vic.quality 100 startupFile
> option add Vic.transmitOnStartup false startupFile

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