[AG-TECH] VIC startup options

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 30 20:06:31 CDT 2002

"Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS]" writes:
> We're trying to move to the new PIG release and the included Open Mash Vic
> v5.2.1, but we still need to use this bat file scheme.  We've tried
> modifying the bat files to read as follow: 
> start c:\ag\agapps\bin\mash c:\ag\agapps\bin\vic -name vic -C "Room Name" -u
> "/vic-startup.4" -D "o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 1"
> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxxx
> This causes problems.  Firstly, mash returns the error: 'Tk_Init failed!
> Expected integer but got "/vic-startup.4"'.  If the -u parameter is removed,
> vic launches into the correct room, but the startup options we require
> (those specified in vic-startup.4) are lost.

try adding an extra -- between "-name vic" and "-C ..." to separate
arguments processed by tcl from those processed by mash.  e.g.:

  start c:\ag\agapps\bin\mash c:\ag\agapps\bin\vic -name vic -- -C "Name" ...

as somebody else mentioned, a startup file written for ucl vic
(or ag vic) probably won't directly work without some changes.
you can mail openmash-developers at openmash.org if you have
questions about how to change your specific startup file.

> Secondly, vic does not
> recognize the -D parameter, so there is no capture card selected when it
> starts up.  In fact, the only command line option making it through to vic
> is the session name.

hm, this is supposed to work in om vic -- does the string in your
-D argument exactly match the entry you see under the "Devices"
menu in vic?


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