[AG-TECH] IGMPv3, Source Specific Multicast, fully supported in Windows XP

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 16 19:30:03 CDT 2002

"Jeffrey Eschbach" writes:
> > In the case of OM vic, this is already possible, fwiw.  The OpenMASH
> > folks have been exploring ssm for awhile.
> Ya, but I think that Vic implementation only supports joining a single
> (S,G) pair.  Still need a way to specify a LIST of (S,G) pairs or even a
> list of sources for a single group.

that's correct.  a reasonably small amount of work would need
to be done to allow the existing code to simultaneously join
multiple (s,g) pairs within a single rtp session.  implementing
stuff like draft-ietf-avt-rtcpssm-01.txt would of course take

> My personal wishlist:  Before Vic distributes the sources around, I
> would love to see an implementation that allows dynamic addition/removal
> of (S,G) pairs.  Right now with (*,G) m-cast we are used to people
> joining/leaving a group at will without any trouble.  With SSM Vic and
> no dynamic add/remove, users would relaunch Vic every time they want to
> add a new (S,G) pair...  from an AG node perspective, imaging everyone
> in a venue having to relaunch Vic every time a new node joined.

yeah, i'm very interested in this problem and intending to
work on it this fall but for the time being, we don't have
anything this convenient in place...


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