[AG-TECH] bttv drivers on Redhat 7.3

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Aug 15 18:39:14 CDT 2002

I don't think that you need the bttv drivers in any 7.x version.


At 05:01 PM 8/15/2002 -0500, JB Gallagher wrote:
>Hello All,
>Does anyone out there have any pointers for getting the bttv drivers to
>work (or even build) under RedHat 7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-7)? I've followed
>all the directions on different bttv related web sites (main point being
>I patched my 2.4.x kernel with a patch generated by a script that came
>with the bttv source), but in the end I can't get bttv-driver.c to even
>compile. I'm using bttv version 0.7.65, and I get a compiler error with
>a function in the first piece of c code (bttv-driver.c) complaining that
>a function has too few arguments passed to it. I don't have the exact
>error handy because the machine the attempted build was done on is
>currently down, but the error is ana ctual syntax error, I'm sort of
>wondering if the stock gcc with redhat 7.3 has problems. At any rate I
>was just wondering if anyone had tried this yet and what sort of
>problems they encountered.
>Brad Gallagher
>ASCI Flash Center
>jbgallag at flash.uchicago.edu

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