[AG-TECH] PIG Video Work Around

Eric Hepburn eric at mail.aces.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 15 17:40:13 CDT 2002

Yeah, I've been able to get PIG working with my firewire camera...
Thanks to some help from Robert Olson...
Unfortunately, I can't get it working with the automated venue (java scripted) process...
However, I can get a session going manually... this workaround should be effective for many of the alternative configurations out there...

Here's how it goes:
1. Point your Virtual Venue browser to a conference room (Test Room for example)
2. If you have PIG running it will pull up a VIC window that will allow you to view the video streams from the other participants and a RAT window for the audio.
3. Your RAT audio connection should work, however, if you don't have an osprey capture card you cannot send video only view the existing video streams.
4. Close down the VIC window that PIG started automatically and open a command prompt.
5. Change directories to c:\ag\agapps\bin or add c:\ag\agapps\bin to your path.
6. Type the following command: mash vic <address>/<port>/<ttl>
7. For test room this would be: mash vic
8. This will open a VIC window, once again showing you the video of the people already connected to the venue.  The difference is that now you can select your Encoding device from the VIC settings menu if VIC recognizes your device.  
9. If you can see your device in the 'encoder'->'device' section, you can select it, then select your transmission settings, and select transmit.  If it works you will see your own video with everyone elses in the VIC window.

Notes:  I am using a Sony firewire camera on a Dell Precision Workstation running Windows XP Pro.  In the VIC window my firewire camera shows up as "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)", with input "external-in".

I've got a Logitech Quickcam 3000 laying around, I'll test and see if this workaround works for that also, and I'll let you know.

Hope this is helpful,

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Has anybody had any luck with getting a USB and/or firewire camera to 
work with the PIG?



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