[AG-TECH] physical security

andrea jackson a.jackson at mcc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 2 05:24:18 CDT 2002

Subject: RE: [AG-TECH] physical security

> Some thoughts to add to those from others ...
> Consider whether you can get the projectors inside a housing that
> is locked (a sort of projection tunnel fitted to the ceiling).


No, don't do it. It is wrong, it is a bad idea, and Robert knows it is.
Don't encourage it. It should be discouraged at all costs. I work in an
environment close to our own public cluster, and I've seen what they can do
to a black and white printer in the middle of the night, nevermind the AG
equipment. Robert is trying to run a professional facility. Putting him in
the position of never knowing if his AG node will still be intact in the
morning is bad practice.

Robert, how will you operate, test, and run maintenance on the node if it is
in a public area?

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