[AG-TECH] physical security

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
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Some thoughts to add to those from others ...

Consider whether you can get the projectors inside a housing that
is locked (a sort of projection tunnel fitted to the ceiling).
We looked at this for our new room (because of heat and noise,
not security) and had to rule it out on cost basis.  Now we
can't hear the sound of the air conditioning for the sound of
the projectors!

Do as churches do (in the UK at least) - remove all mics and store
in a locked drawer or cupboard.

Have the rack (or whatever holds the computers, echo canceller
and audio interface stuff) in a locked cupboard (again like a
church) and/or use security bolts into the cage nuts.

If the building is patrolled, consider whether the 'tilt' alarms
would increase security on light things like cameras.



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off the top of my head,
there are a couple things you can do:

bolt and cable stuff down
remove and replace peripherals as needed

At 08:31 AM 8/1/2002 -0700, Robert B Heckendorn wrote:
   >We are being asked to move our AG from a secure room to a public room
   >with 24 hour student access.  This seems like a very bad idea.  Is
   >anyone successfully running their AG in a room that can't be locked?
   >If so then what precautions do you take so that camera etc don't 
   >get stolen.
   >thanks for any help,
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