[AG-TECH] Reminder - CCS Wednesday Seminar (TOMORROW)

Satish K. Vanimisetti satish at ccs.uky.edu
Tue Apr 23 20:08:21 CDT 2002


This is a reminder for those wishing to participate in
tomorrow's CCS Wednesday Seminar (the last one for this

Title: "VisMembrane: a Membrane Protein Structure Visualization
       Tool - a Collaborative Project in Bioinformatics"
Speakers: Jerzy Jaromczyk(CS),Ch.Staben (Biology), B.A.Brown (CS),
          P.S.P.Zou (CS and Biology), K.Sravan(CS)
          UK Department of Computer Science
Abstract: http://www.ccs.uky.edu/ccs/profiles/Spring02/wed/Apr24.html

As of now, I dont have the presentation materials for the seminar.
I have been told that I will be given a PPT file by noon tomorrow.
They also intend to do a program demonstration, for which we will
have to use VNC.

I will most probably just use VNC for both the presentation and the
demonstration, instead of using DPPT and switching to VNC for the


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