[AG-TECH] VIC Dropping overnight

Nolan, Kevin [NCSUS] knolan at ncsus.jnj.com
Tue Apr 23 12:44:02 CDT 2002

We did some more research on this and we have come up with the following


Vic on a multiprocessor Windows machine is dropping.  We don't see it as
much on a single processor WINDOWS machine and it never happens on the Linux
machine.   Anyone else have any other insight into this type of problem.


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I suspect this might be  multicast routing problem ... 


At 09:43 AM 4/17/2002 -0400, Nolan, Kevin [NCSUS] wrote:

All video stops.  If we sit in the lobby all windows go to 0FPS and until we
shutdown the application and restart, that frame rate will not change.   We
have also created a J&J room internally and have the same issue.

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