[AG-TECH] help test U Montana Venues Server?

Jeremy Sauer jsauer at uswest.net
Mon Apr 15 12:39:45 CDT 2002

Hi all,
    There is a small glitch with our venues server that I am trying to 
put a finger on.  I would really appreciate it if a few folks from the 
AG community could register themselves with our server, AGVVS.cs.umt.edu 
, and attempt to navigate to each of the two venues located there.  In 
the event of an error, I am specifically looking for the output from 
both the event-listener and drm windows.  I did a complete reinstall of 
the server last week, so even if you had already registered a username 
and password, you will need to do so again.  
Thanks for your help,

Jeremy Sauer
University of  Montana-Missoula   

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