[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar (April 17th)

Satish K. Vanimisetti satish at ccs.uky.edu
Thu Apr 11 14:18:00 CDT 2002


Next week's seminar:

Speaker: Sujeet Shenoi, University of Tulsa

Title: "Internet (In)Security"

Abstract: Information Technology (IT) and the Internet have
produced extraordinary opportunities, but American society
has never been so vulnerable. Hackers disrupt government
websites; virus writers wreak havoc on Corporate America;
terrorists and foreign powers systematically probe military
networks, searching for weaknesses. Even while security
services are being overwhelmed, there is a tremendous dearth
of trained professionals. The coordinated terrorist attacks
of September 11, 2001 underscore the emergent "asymmetric
threats" to American society. This lecture discusses the
main issues underlying Internet security (and lack thereof)
and highlights the actions we must undertake as a society
to protect our nation's vital information infrastructure
from an "Electronic Pearl Harbor."

The most up-to-date version of the abstract will be available
at: http://www.ccs.uky.edu/ccs/wed.htm


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