[AG-TECH] KVMs for AG?

Art Ziarko aziarko at insors.com
Wed Apr 3 13:03:46 CST 2002

Have you tryed using the soft switchs by pressing scroll lock twuice and
then the space bar
You get a menu of the systems connected and really don't need to be near the
kvm switch. You can also use it as a quick view scroll of all the systems.
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I have noticed that with these switches they somtimes
freeze the mouse and keyboard if you are sending mouse
commands while switching.
I was recently putting our switch through some rugged testing
and figured that I really need to be patient or use a
slower process while switching. I now make sure that I am not
touching the mouse while switching. Let me know if the mouse
and keyboard still freeze while trying this movement.
Not a solution - but a workaround...

At 08:47 AM 4/3/2002 -0500, Mike Weaver wrote:
   >We are using a Belkin OmniView Matrix 2x8.  We have the Display machine
   >the conference/AG room w/ the audio equipment (Getner(s), amp, etc...).
   >audio, video & control machines are in a room across the hall to reduce
   >required space as well as fan noise in the conf room.  It is
approximately a
   >50 foot run.  Everything works, but the video quality on the Linux
boxes is
   >a touch less than optimum - very usable, but I'm kinda picky about my
   >Having said all of that, I should mention that we are contacting Belkin
   >we 'speak' to determine if our unit has problems.  It has been pretty
   >at times.  We'll lose mouse or keyboard functionality on random
   >The CAT5 extender units have reset switches on them so I'm thinking that
   >this may be a known 'feature'.  Unfortunately, hitting reset does not
   >fix the problem.  Sometimes rebooting the attached PC does the trick.
   >some occasions, I've actually powered down all of the attached PCs, the
   >extenders and the KVM switch, reseated all cables and re-applied power
   >all devices.  Once things are all working OK, they tend to stay that
   >but be careful if you reboot!  We've never had a problem during a
   >but the odds will catch up to us eventually.  We are also looking into a
   >replacement solution, but haven't found much yet.
   >Cabling is pretty simple.  As the audio & video machines are remote,
   >run the camera cables, RAT audio cables, network (CAT5) cables and the
   >CAT5 extender cables all in the same wire run.  Because of cable
   >we're using a 4" conduit, but the cables themselves would fit in a 2"
   >My recommendation is to use the best quality cabling that you can
   >Hope this helps,
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   >> Has anyone used cat5 KVM extenders in an Access Grid context?  Are
   >> there any issues compared relative to the traditional cabling?  Thanks
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