[AG-TECH] KVMs for AG?

Jimmy Miklavcic jhm at chpc.utah.edu
Wed Apr 3 09:02:19 CST 2002

We had a Belkin 8 port Omniview. I threw in the trash (figuratively speaking). I'm now
using their 4 port switch and I'm finding it to be much more stable. Our layout requires our
operator to be in an adjacent room to the meeting space, separated by a large window.
It's off to the side so it's difficult to see the projected images on the wall. In this case we
split the RGB cables and feed both the Projector in the meeting space and a 15" monitor
in the control room. this way the operator doesn't have to twist his/her neck out of whack.

All the systems are in yet another machine room adjacent to the control room. The point is
we extend our keyboards & meeses by 30' and everything seems to work fine. Of course
that's if our campus network engineers can keep multicast up and running for more than a day
at a time.


Tom Coffin wrote:

> I have noticed that with these switches they somtimes
> freeze the mouse and keyboard if you are sending mouse
> commands while switching.
> I was recently putting our switch through some rugged testing
> and figured that I really need to be patient or use a
> slower process while switching. I now make sure that I am not
> touching the mouse while switching. Let me know if the mouse
> and keyboard still freeze while trying this movement.
> Not a solution - but a workaround...

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