[AG-TECH] Beacon Problem from NCAR to several sites esp. SDSC

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Mon Apr 29 16:24:31 CDT 2002


I've noticed that NCAR is experiencing problems sending to
several sites according to the beacon. We don't seem to be
experiencing problems sending actual audio and video, at least
as far as has been reported.

I've started looking at the traffic flowing to SDSC since I
would expect it to work well. The beacons being sourced from at NCAR make it to the I2 router LOSA and are sent
out interface ATM1/0.3 towards SDSC as expected. But they
never seem to make it to the host.

If somebody who has access to the router medusa.sdsc.edu which
sits between Abilene and the SDSC AG node could take a look at
the mroute table for our sender and let me know what it shows
I would be very appreciative. Especially the commands:

show ip mroute
show ip mroute active

Thanks in advance,

-David Mitchell

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