[AG-TECH] Audio Codec question

Art Ziarko aziarko at insors.com
Mon Apr 1 11:21:21 CST 2002

We have done testing with the audio codecs at 8k,16,32&48k sampling rates
for sound quality and bandwidth utilization and have found U-law at 16K  to
sound just as good if not better than Linear-16  and  uses 128k instead of
256k for linear-16. It seems that the default is linear-16 however.
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Subject: [AG-TECH] Audio Codec question

> Our AG node has been available for several months now but recently a
> question about what codec is appropriate for audio use has come up.  Our
> default is set to Linear-16 but being uncompressed this seems like a
> waste of bandwidth but seems to work.  There are numerous other audio
> codec options available but I'm just not sure which one is the most
> commonly used.  What do most AG sites use?
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