[AG-TECH] Screens

David E. Bernholdt bernhold at jumby.csm.ornl.gov
Thu Sep 20 14:21:42 CDT 2001

I could use some ideas for vendors/materials for screens.  Our
conditions are:

1) The room is 14'3" wide, and I plan to have three 4'x3' displays.
2) The wall is not flat, so we either have to mount the screens so
   they all line up properly, or (in the case of something like
   WallTalkers, we'd have to create the large, flat surface to spread
   the stuff onto.
3) One display will be projected onto a 4'x3' SmartBoard, but I'd like
   to be able to remove it (to take it to SC01, for example) and put a
   regular screen in its place -- ideally without having to readjust
   the focus of the projectors

A colleague found that Draper makes a screen called WrapAround
Clarion, which has no borders (frame is behind screen) and comes in
the 4:3 aspect ratio, but their smallest product is 57" wide and
putting three of those together is exactly 14'3", leaving no room for

Does anyone know of something similar to the Draper product in a
smaller size, or another good solution?  I've seen some rooms that
appear to use regular (if large) whiteboards (not WallTalkers).  Are
there problems with image quality and bloom?

Ideas welcome.  Thanks
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