[AG-TECH] IE as default browser in AGSetup1-0-1

Jeff Carpenter jeffc at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Sep 20 11:39:32 CDT 2001


I had the same thing happen.  I have resorted to cutting and pasting the 
URL into a new browser window.


At 10:55 AM 9/20/2001, Randy Groves wrote:
>I don't know if this is common or not.  I installed the Release Candidate 
>on my display machine, and notice that it uses IE as the default browser 
>for starting up the venues now.  Not a problem initially, but I notice a 
>behavior that didn't exist in the previous setup.
>I was participating in the Production Institute today, and clicked on the 
>URL that was in the MUD for the Dist. Powerpoint presentation.  Since IE 
>was set up as my default browser now, the URL showed up there.  Not a 
>problem.  But when I hit the 'back' button to go back to the venues page, 
>IE restarted my connection to the venue, thereby restarting the vic, and 
>blowing away all the images that I'd placed on the screen.  (I've yet to 
>master the autoplace - that's on my todo list ...).
>The same thing happens if I try to open a second IE window.  I'm guessing 
>that one of the problems is that IE has as it's default page the AG venue 
>page, so I'm going to play around with that - and also probably make 
>Netscape the default browser to avoid the 'restart' action of I need to 
>look at another site.
>Anybody else encountered this?  Or is my setup unique?

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