[AG-TECH] Friday, 21 Sept. Demo

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Thu Sep 20 11:04:48 CDT 2001

All (Primarily west-coasters):

We have a potential visitor from Idaho National Engineering and
Environmental Laboratory (DOE) coming late Friday 
afternoon.  She's actually coming up to Missoula for a
Frisbee tournament but, she's interested in seeing our
AGN in operation.  She estimates getting to town around
1500 Mountain time (2100 UTC), and I would very roughly estimate
showing her the AGN around 1600 or so Mountain time (2200 UTC), if
all works out.

Are there any of you that might be available around that
time, on an "on-call" basis to get on your AGN just so
she can see some interactivity?  If so, I'll go ahead
and reserve a venue.  I imagine I'll show her all
the videos in the Lobby then, show her my standard
"AG Promotional" slide show and, if there are one or
two sites available for interaction, move into a 
venue for that.



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