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Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Sep 6 13:56:56 CDT 2001


Ah, okay, this context is very helpful :-).  The informal place to hang out
on the Access Grid is called the Lobby.  The Test room is used for audio

The other rooms are scheduled for various events.  Some events on the AG
schedule are open to all, while many others are not.  In most AG rooms,
there is no technological barrier to attending an event.  Given this, unless
one is explicitly invited, it is good practice to send email to the contact
person listed on the schedule requesting permission to participate in an

The audio codec we use on the AG is 16kHz Mono; the tool we use for decoding
and encoding audio is called RAT.  (fyi, during your time in the Bridgeport
Venue, you were transmitting the .wav bindings for your windows events to
our audio channel.)

An important first step to getting connected to the Access Grid is to find
your way to our text-based hangout space.  It is there that many discussions
related to the technology take place, and it is a great source of tech
support and AG social interaction.  Instructions for connecting to the AG
MOO can be found at

We are happy to help and look forward to you seeing you on the grid!


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From: Nielsen, Pete [mailto:pnielsen at ucla.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 6:39 PM
To: 'Lisa Childers'
Subject: RE: Hello

I was trying the VRVS bridge to the access grid. It looked like I connected
with H.323 but I could not get any video.

I could get multicast video of the various participants, but not audio.

I found the room/event by looking at the schedule posted at
www.accessgrid.com it looked like a public event, and one of the venues
certainly looked like an open house. "NCSA"

I'm trying to get our institution to implement an access grid node, so any
way that I can show folk, what joining the grid would "look" like, would
be a big plus.  We already have a three projector visualization facility, so
the additional expense of becoming a node is relatively small, however,
unless I can get someone interested, there are always higher priority
projects competing for limited resources.

perhaps you could take a look at www.vrvs.org/accessgrid.html and let me
know the name of the venue that corresponds to the TCP/IP addresses/ports
that you have given me below. (They aren't set up to take that sort of

Thank you for any help, and I apologize for any disruption that I may have
caused, and will try to avoid being disruptive in the future.

vrvs has a password feature for "private" conferences, I guess I assumed
they would have implemented something similar when they bridged to the
access grid.

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From: Lisa Childers [mailto:childers at mcs.anl.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 4:18 PM
To: Nielsen, Pete
Subject: Hello

Earlier this afternoon you were intermittently transmitting audio and video
during a live event.  Please be aware that the audio and video channels on
which you were broadcasting are used by a project called the Access Grid
(www.accessgrid.org).  You were entering and exiting a kind of virtual
conference room.  Outside transmissions from folks not directly involved in
a given AG event have the potential to be disruptive.

The informal place on the Access Grid for people to pop in and have a look
around is for audio and for video.
It would be helpful in the future if you confined your informal visits to
those groups.

How did you find your way here?

Thank you,
Lisa Childers
Sr. Scientific Programmer
Argonne National Laboratory

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