[AG-TECH] Gentner AP-Ware?

Jonas Talandis jonast at evl.uic.edu
Thu Sep 6 13:11:57 CDT 2001

I used it only because AP Tools didn't seem to be available any longer from 
the Gentner site. The firmware upgrade worked fine though was a bit slow, 
but it checked out the serial link nicely. It was a new installation so I 
didn't have any presets to retain. The interface is new, so it's unfamiliar 
at first, and silly things like the matrices being regrouped make you 
scratch your head.

At 11:53 AM 9/6/01 , Randy Groves wrote:
>Anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with this?  It seems to require 
>a firmware upgrade, which gives me a little pause.  Are the preset files 

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