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Wenjun Liu wliu at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Sep 5 11:41:43 CDT 2001

Jennifer, Richard, and Bob,

In a discussion of the presence of operators here at MCS, we found it's helpful to obtain some users opinion. Rick Stevens recommended that I talk with your guys to get a list of things that you hear most from your users. As we, at the same time, are also considering the possibility of a new AG mailing list for all AG related non-technical issues (user feedback, operator experience and training, human factor, social debugging of AG, etc.), I think this might be a good chance for us to market this idea on AG-TECH first and find out whether people think it is necessary for a new non-technical AG mailing list (call it, say, AG-Community).

For a long time, most of our AG efforts are technology oriented. The popularity of AG-TECH is an indication of that. As AG technology becomes better, it is time for us to think more of the human factor side of this technology, which is crucial for AG to become a more user-friendly product and the most successful collaborative tool among its (possibly future) competitors. For that purpose, we would like to get a list of things that AG users and operators think necessary to improve or to be included in AG future development. You all have lots of AG experiences. I am sure you will have many things to say. As we already have a community of AG developers, operators, and users, we also would like to hear what folks are talking. And this is our purpose of creating another AG mailing list: for people to share their experiences, exchange ideas, tell stories, find collaborators, and make comments on all AG related non-technical issues.

So, please help us find out what the AG users are thinking and, for that purpose, let's see whether it will help if we create another AG non-technical mailing list.

Thank you.

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