[AG-TECH] projector bulbs

Mark Hereld hereld at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 31 14:19:51 CDT 2001

the beginning of a statistical sample:

hm... of the 40+ projectors that we've used for at least a year
each, we've had to replace a handful of bulbs... say 6-ish.
these are projectors used in AG nodes, tiled displays, and
sometimes both.

we've used many epsons (powerlite 7500c, powerlite 710c),
proxima (dx1,  9210), and a smattering of other models.

we've overused several bulbs by resetting the bulb timer
managed by the projector. three of those have exploded
spectacularly.  one of the explosions damaged stuff in the
projector, forcing us to send it in for repairs.  the other
two just had to be cleared of glass bits.  despite our
good luck in the area of projector pyrotechnics, i wouldn't
recommend you follow in our footsteps: replace your

-- mark

At 05:40 PM 5/30/2001 -0500, Emilee J Patrick wrote:
>hi, all! i just have a quick little question for all of you out there
>with AG nodes that are in frequent use. what kind of projectors are
>you using, and how often do you need to replace the bulbs?
>if you prefer, reply directly to me and i'll summarize the responses
>for the list  : )\
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>User Centered Research, Motorola Labs
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