[AG-TECH] Audio in receive mode?

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu May 31 13:53:44 CDT 2001

We're slowly but surely getting our node set up.  I've got the video, audio 
and display machines configured, and I can receive video, and can also see 
my video capture on my display box.

We are working with the network folks to resolve an issue with transmitting 
of multicast.  Right now, I can receive but not transmit.

However, this transmission problem is 'upstream' of my local Cisco switch, 
and locally, I have full connectivity - or at least the beacon tells me so.

I should mention that my video box is RH7.1, with the latest RPMs from 
Bob's site.  The audio box is the RH6.2 0511-1130 image, since I've tried 
twice to get the setup working on 7.1, but there seems to be a disconnect 
between the audio resource manager and the rat.  And I cannot manually 
start the rat either.  But on 6.2, things seem to come up appropriately, 
and track the venue changes, but I do not get any indication that I'm 
receiving audio.  I've done a tone check in the Audio portions of the 
Options, and I do get a tone.

My question - should I be able to hear audio from the venues I check 
into?  Or do I need a 'full circuit' to be able to?

Thanks much!!


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