[AG-TECH] Projection screens

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Wed May 30 19:13:51 CDT 2001

G'day y'all

A quick question: What are you using for projection *screens* ? I'm looking 
at a range of options for some rooms here, and some scenarios require 
different things. For front projection I have seen a variety of wall 
surfaces, but I'm looking at rear-projected systems (tidier, quieter, 
easier-to-maintain, etc.). So, what is out there and what should I look for 
or avoid? It seems like most sites use either a vinyl screen, or other 
plastic, or a special glass - but I have no good details on any of them.

As an additional twist, one site is looking at (natural colour) stereo 
displays for large groups. This means one high-frequency projector and 
shutter-glasses, or two normal projectors with polarisation filters in 
front of them and users wear sunglasses :-) I have heard it said that you 
can't do this with rear-projection systems as the screens scatter too much 
and screw up the polarisation. I don't know if that is the main problem, or 
that these systems usually have mirrors to fold the optics, and it is the 
mirror that causes the problem.... <shrug>

I'm guessing some of the CAVErs on this list have also looked at these 
kinds of issues?

Any comments, advice, suggestions, etc, greatly appreciated!

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