[AG-TECH] Gentner Echo Cancellation

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri May 25 12:30:02 CDT 2001

You need to first ensure that the audio machine isn't set for hardware 
loopback (unfortunately the way to check this is sound-card dependent to 
some extent). One thing you can do is look at the PC input and output level 
meters on the Gentner, and talk into a mic. You should see level on the 
Gentner output to the PC, but not on the input from the PC.

Also check to be sure the echo cancellation checkbox is enabled on each 
microphone. And of course, make sure that you aren't mixing multiple 
microphones into gentner mic inputs.


At 10:56 AM 5/25/2001 -0600, Jeff W. Boote wrote:
>Ok, I have a question for you gentner aficionados out there...
>How can I verify that echo cancellation is working without another node
>involved? When echo cancellation is not working - everyone else hears the 
>not me.  As far as I can tell, I am using the correct settings, but my node
>introduces echo.  (And, I had to dismantle our node this week to move all our
>hardware to another location.) I would like to verify that echo 
>cancellation is
>working in the gentner before putting everything back together - I'm wondering
>if there is a hardware problem with my gentner... Is there a simple way to
>verify it?

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