[AG-TECH] Re: USM/MSU Multicast Setup

Bill Nickless nickless at mcs.anl.gov
Wed May 16 13:44:58 CDT 2001


I would be very happy to help you work on multicast for your access grid nodes.

The first thing you should do, before ANYTHING else, is to point your web 
browser over to


and download the Beacon code.  Find a machine on each campus that can run 
Java code, and start a Beacon.  When you use the default settings your 
beacon will show up on the




web pages.

The reason you start a beacon is so you have an active source and active 
receiver so you can immediately see if your configuration is 
working.  Also, running a beacon makes it very obvious precisely which 
network addresses are involved.

In addition to the URLs that Jonas listed, I would recommend you start with 
an Internet Draft I'm working on:


Comments you might have would be very useful to me, as you are the audience 
for this draft-- someone who is starting to do multicast configuration.

Finally, don't hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of any 
assistance.  Access Grid multicast deployment is my "day job," I'm funded 
to do it, and so I am willing to do whatever it takes to get you up and 
running (up to and including me traveling there to help you in 
person.)  Just let me know how I can help.

Good to have you on board,

Bill Nickless    http://www.mcs.anl.gov/people/nickless      +1 630 252 7390
PGP:0E 0F 16 80 C5 B1 69 52 E1 44 1A A5 0E 1B 74 F7     nickless at mcs.anl.gov

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