[AG-TECH] USM/MSU Multicast Setup

David Sliman david.sliman at usm.edu
Thu May 17 14:24:25 CDT 2001

Bill, I have the beacon running on a Linux box at Stennis Space Center,
crow.ssc.usm.edu and on my Win98 laptop, dsliman.otters.usm.edu.  They both show up
on the web pages.  I'm currently working on the main campus.  When I bring up the
BeaconViewer on my PC, I get "Server reply error."  I am going to recheck my
settings on our Cisco router to see if I put in anything wrong.  Do you or anyone
else have any suggestions.


Bill Nickless wrote:

> David,
> I would be very happy to help you work on multicast for your access grid nodes.
> The first thing you should do, before ANYTHING else, is to point your web
> browser over to
>    http://dast.nlanr.net/projects/beacon
> and download the Beacon code.  Find a machine on each campus that can run
> Java code, and start a Beacon.  When you use the default settings your
> beacon will show up on the
>    http://beaconserver.accessgrid.org:9999
> and
>    http://water.mcs.anl.gov/~olson/beacon-php/beacon.php
> web pages.
> The reason you start a beacon is so you have an active source and active
> receiver so you can immediately see if your configuration is
> working.  Also, running a beacon makes it very obvious precisely which
> network addresses are involved.
> In addition to the URLs that Jonas listed, I would recommend you start with
> an Internet Draft I'm working on:
>    ftp://ftp.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-nickless-ipv4-mcast-bcp-01.txt
> Comments you might have would be very useful to me, as you are the audience
> for this draft-- someone who is starting to do multicast configuration.
> Finally, don't hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of any
> assistance.  Access Grid multicast deployment is my "day job," I'm funded
> to do it, and so I am willing to do whatever it takes to get you up and
> running (up to and including me traveling there to help you in
> person.)  Just let me know how I can help.
> Good to have you on board,
> ===
> Bill Nickless    http://www.mcs.anl.gov/people/nickless      +1 630 252 7390
> PGP:0E 0F 16 80 C5 B1 69 52 E1 44 1A A5 0E 1B 74 F7     nickless at mcs.anl.gov

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