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The Center for Design Visualization
University of California,  Berkeley

Design & Visualization Public Lectures

in collaboration with the
Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative and Geographic Information Science
'GIS and Multimedia in the Humanities' Lectures


Environmental Media
Linking Virtual Environments to the Physical World

Scott S. Fisher
Keio University
4:00 pm, Thursday 5 April 2001
220 Stevens Hall, Townsend Center Conference Room, UC Berkeley
(map available at: http://www.berkeley.edu/campus_map/)

Note:  This lecture replaces the previously scheduled April 4th 'Digitizing
Austronesia' talk by David Blundell which has been postponed until the fall.

Scott will be updating us on current research by his group at Keio
University in the application of GPS, wireless, augmented reality, and other
technologies for environmental media gathering, linking, and enhancing.  His
research has exciting applicability to everything from environmental
planning, to wayfinding, art, education, biology,...

Scott S. Fisher is a media artist and interaction designer whose work
focuses primarily on immersive environments and technologies of presence.
Currently he is Project Professor in the Graduate School of Media and
Governance at Keio University at Shonan Fujisawa, Japan, and President of
Telepresence Media, a production company focusing on the art and design of
virtual environment and remote presence experiences. Mr. Fisher was Founder
and Director of the Virtual Environment Workstation Project (VIEW) at NASA's
Ames Research Center which pioneered the development of many key VR
technologies including head-coupled displays, datagloves, and 3-D audio
technology. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he
held a research fellowship at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies from
1974 to 1976 and was a member of the Architecture Machine Group from 1978 to
1982.  For further information see

The Center for Design Visualization (http://www.cdv.berkeley.edu/) is an
Industry/University Research Partnership at the University of California at
Berkeley.  Created with the support of the Vice Chancellor for Research and
the Dean of the College of Environmental Design, the CDV is charged with
fostering industry/university collaboration in
architecture/engineering/planning, art/new media, and archaeology/heritage.
A cross-campus research facility involving faculty, students, and others
interested in the challenges of applying emerging visualization media in
design, the Center's affiliated faculty range from architecture to computer
science, and art to anthropology engineering.

-Wed 18 April, 4pm, 340 Stephens Hall (CMES Sultan Conference Room)
Mario Santana Quintero (Architect & Research Fellow, Catholic University
Leuven, Belgium): 3D Documentation and Dissemination in the Conservation of
Built Heritage:  Field Reports from al-Balid Archaeological Park, Oman, and
the Roman Theatre of Jebleh, Syria

-Fri 27 April, 4pm, 220 Stephens Hall (Townsend Center Conference Room)
Laura Jones (Stanford University, Department of Archaeology): Architectural
History in Palo Alto and Stanford, California: The Evaluation of Context,
Significance and Spatial Relationships Using GIS

-Fri 4 May, 4pm, IEAS Conference Room, 6th Floor, 2223 Fulton Street
Scot Thrane Refsland (Executive Officer, Virtual Systems & Multimedia
Gifu Prefecture, Japan):  Advances in Virtual Reality Research:  Realtime
Virtual Environments, 3D Mapping, and other projects from the Virtual System
Laboratory, Gifu University, Japan


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