[AG-TECH] problem of BTTV cards in different PCI slots.

¬½£ lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Sun Mar 25 23:52:18 CST 2001

	I bought a DELL Precision 2 CPU 420 MT workstation for Video capturing. I  want to use 4 Pinnacle miroVideo PCTV cards.
	This Dell 420 machine has 5 PCI slots. I find PCI1,PCI2,and PCI3 works correctly with PCTV cards and VIC. 
	The problem is that when I put the card into PCI4 or PCI5, the command " modprobe bttv" is OK, but VIC doesn't capture image, it doesn't respond.
	I tried Linux kernel 2.2.16 and 2.2.14, neither works. But in Win98 and 2000, PCTV in PCI 4 and PCI 5 works good. and I also tried some other BT848 cards and find the same result.
	I cannt find any difference between these PCI slots. Can you tell me why in Linux PCTV and VIC works good in PCI1-3 slots, but refuse to work in PCI4&5 slots?  Shall I change bttv drivers in Linux?	
	Thanks in advance

Lu Jian

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