[AG-TECH] problem of BTTV cards in different PCI slots.

Gary Orser orser at cns.montana.edu
Mon Mar 26 09:41:35 CST 2001

Lu Jian,

Had the same problem. (see below for the reason)

I think we need a driver update, but I haven't tracked that down.

Until the driver update, I think we're limited to 3 camera's.

Cheers, Gary
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On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, [ISO-8859-1] ¬½£ wrote:

> 	I bought a DELL Precision 2 CPU 420 MT workstation for Video capturing. I  want to use 4 Pinnacle miroVideo PCTV cards.
> 	This Dell 420 machine has 5 PCI slots. I find PCI1,PCI2,and PCI3 works correctly with PCTV cards and VIC. 
> 	The problem is that when I put the card into PCI4 or PCI5, the command " modprobe bttv" is OK, but VIC doesn't capture image, it doesn't respond.
> 	I tried Linux kernel 2.2.16 and 2.2.14, neither works. But in Win98 and 2000, PCTV in PCI 4 and PCI 5 works good. and I also tried some other BT848 cards and find the same result.
> 	I cannt find any difference between these PCI slots. Can you tell me why in Linux PCTV and VIC works good in PCI1-3 slots, but refuse to work in PCI4&5 slots?  Shall I change bttv drivers in Linux?	
> 	Thanks in advance
> Lu Jian

> http://premiersupport.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?nav=Knowledge_Base&DN=PS1026319
>      PCI Devices May Function Incorrectly on the Dell Precision?
>      WorkStation x20 Systems
>      Problem: Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) devices
>      may function incorrectly on Dell Precision WorkStation
>      x20 systems.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
>      "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 
>      Discussion: WorkStation x20 systems use the new Intel
>      820 and 840 chipsets, which incorporate the new hublink
>      design architecture. In this design, interconnected hubs
>      perform specialized functions. One of these hubs is called
>      the I/O Control Hub (ICH). The PCI bus, which
>      implements PCI 2.2, is connected directly to the ICH on
>      the 820 and 840 chipsets. Because of this, PCI devices see
>      the ICH as a bridge, which may present problems in
>      firmware and/or drivers that cannot negotiate PCI
>      bridging. In addition, an Intel 21152AB PCI-to-PCI bridge
>      resides (electrically) behind the ICH. Some devices may
>      work behind the ICH, but do not work correctly behind the
>      Intel bridge. The following is a list of devices that are
>      known to function incorrectly:
>      Drivers and/or firmware for PCI devices that do not have
>      the appropriate PCI bridging technology do not work in
>      any of the PCI slots.
>      Montego I and II PCI sound cards generate errors in the
>      Microsoft Windows 98 operating system stating that
>      the card should be moved to the primary PCI bus. These
>      cards do not work in any of the PCI slots on WorkStation
>      x20 systems.
>      Creative Labs PCI64V sound cards do not work in PCI slots
>      4 and 5 (located behind the Intel PCI-to-PCI bridge chip)
>      on WorkStation 420 systems. The PCI64V sound cards
>      function correctly in PCI slots 1, 2, and 3.
>      Under the Windows NT 4.0 operating system, 3Com
>      Coyote modems work only in slots 4 and 5 (located behind
>      the Intel PCI-to-PCI bridge chip) on WorkStation 420
>      systems because PCI resources are incorrectly assigned
>      in the Windows NT hal.dll file. Using the /PCILOCK
>      switch in the boot.ini file causes Windows NT to reassign
>      PCI resources and resolve the conflict. This problem only
>      occurs with PCI devices that use prefetchable memory
>      transactions.
>      The PCI 2.2 specification does not allow for memory
>      address ranges below 1 MB. If a PCI device attempts to
>      access a memory address below 1 MB, a BIOS
>      plug-and-play error message is generated.
>      Solution: All factory-installed PCI devices offered by Dell
>      (excluding Dell Plus configurations) are compatible with
>      WorkStation x20 systems. If problems occur while you are
>      installing a third-party PCI device, contact the
>      manufacturer of the PCI device in question for
>      information and a resolution to your problem. On
>      WorkStation x20 systems, the card must follow the PCI 2.2
>      specification and be able to negotiate PCI bridges in both
>      firmware and drivers to work correctly with the system. If
>      a PCI card does not meet these guidelines, Dell cannot
>      guarantee that the card will function properly in these
>      systems.
>      Possible solutions include:
>           Clear the system NVRAM by entering the BIOS
>           setup, activating the <Caps Lock>, <Scroll Lock>,
>           and <Num Lock> keys, and then pressing <Alt><E>.
>           Test the card in all of the slots located behind the
>           ICH on the WorkStation x20 system. 
>           NOTE: On the WorkStation 420, slots 4 and 5 are
>           behind the Intel 21152AB PCI-to-PCI bridge chip.
>           If you are using Windows NT 4.0, try the /PCILOCK
>           switch. Place the /PCILOCK switch in the boot.ini
>           file, which is located in the root directory of the boot
>           drive (typically c).

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