[AG-TECH] rat dying

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Thu Mar 8 20:46:19 CST 2001

Hi all, starting today I've had some frequent problems with
my rat dying when logged on as normal user (ag).  The message
I get is

rat-4.2.10-media: convert_sinc.c1107: sinc_upsample_sterio: Assertion 
`out == dst + dst_len' failed
Command rat done

It was happening initially in the Windmer room (I'm still using
a bridge), but then happened in the Lobby, too, and happened when
I changed to a different bridge.  Typically, rat would come up,
the other users would start showing up on it, then it would die.
Typically died within 30 seconds, often within 5. 

Just for the halibut, I tried it as root user after all that,
and it stayed up for over an hour (in fact, it didn't die
at all until I physically killed it).

It's definitely an intermittent sort of thing - it happened
to me earlier tonight (as user "ag") a couple of times, but
my most recent execution of it has been stable for up to
5 minutes now.

Any ideas?  Without understanding the rat code, I'm having
a wild guess that maybe it was a result of something that
somebody else was sending, that my rat didn't like?????
Again, completely wild guess....

I'm off to Vegas on Saturday, so will likely shut our whole
AGN down till I'm back on Friday.

Thanks, Don

   Don Morton                  http://www-scinet.umt.edu/~morton/
   Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
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