[AG-TECH] rat dying

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Mar 8 22:12:24 CST 2001

what do you have your sample rate set at? I think that's a crash in the 
sample rate conversion code. Might hvae been someone else with a non-std 
sample rate as well.

Looks like this is fixed in the latest rat, time to burn new rpms:

>4.2.13  - Fix spurious assert in G726 decoder
>         - Fix G726-40 unpack (bits per sample mis-represented as 3!)
>         - Fix sinc converter selection bug.  Should fix:
>                 (a) Crash in convert_sinc.c:
>                         convert_sinc.c:134: failed assertion
>                         convert_sinc.c:122: failed assertion
>                         util.c:87: _block_alloc: Assertion `size > 0' 
> failed.
>                     reported by Greg Herlein.
>                 (b) Another crash in convert_sinc.c:
>                         convert_sinc.c:1107: sinc_upsample_stereo:
>                         Assertion `out == dst + dst_len' failed.
>                     reported by <thavaqos at yahoo.com>


At 07:46 PM 3/8/2001 -0700, Don Morton wrote:

>Hi all, starting today I've had some frequent problems with
>my rat dying when logged on as normal user (ag).  The message
>I get is
>rat-4.2.10-media: convert_sinc.c1107: sinc_upsample_sterio: Assertion
>`out == dst + dst_len' failed
>Command rat done
>It was happening initially in the Windmer room (I'm still using
>a bridge), but then happened in the Lobby, too, and happened when
>I changed to a different bridge.  Typically, rat would come up,
>the other users would start showing up on it, then it would die.
>Typically died within 30 seconds, often within 5.
>Just for the halibut, I tried it as root user after all that,
>and it stayed up for over an hour (in fact, it didn't die
>at all until I physically killed it).
>It's definitely an intermittent sort of thing - it happened
>to me earlier tonight (as user "ag") a couple of times, but
>my most recent execution of it has been stable for up to
>5 minutes now.
>Any ideas?  Without understanding the rat code, I'm having
>a wild guess that maybe it was a result of something that
>somebody else was sending, that my rat didn't like?????
>Again, completely wild guess....
>I'm off to Vegas on Saturday, so will likely shut our whole
>AGN down till I'm back on Friday.
>Thanks, Don
>    Don Morton                  http://www-scinet.umt.edu/~morton/
>    Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
>    Missoula, MT 59812 | Voice (406) 243-4975 | Fax (406) 243-5139

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